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EMI Music Sound Foundation is an independent music education charity, established in 1997 to celebrate the centenary of EMI Records and to improve young peoples' access to music education in the UK & Ireland.


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EMI MSF Music Teacher Honoured as Classic FM Music Teacher of the Year!

Posted on: 15 Nov 2012

On 12th November, Matthew Haworth a teacher at EMI MSF sponsored schools Egglescliffe, was honoured at the annual Classic FM Music Teacher of the Year Awards during the School Proms.

Matthew was presented with the Secondary School Music Teacher of the Year Award on stage at the Music for Youth Schools Prom Concerts in front of thousands of people at the Royal Albert Hall by Lord Puttnam (the film producer).

The Classic FM Music Teacher of the Year Awards seek to recognise and reward those teachers who have made a real difference to the musical life of young people. As part of the Award, Matthew will receive musical equipment and instruments from Yamaha and specialist music software from Avid for his school.

The judges commented: “Matthew has been teaching at Egglescliffe now for 14 years and has created wonderful opportunities for the students there.  The judges were amazed at the standards achieved by this secondary school, making note that Matthew has not just been a musical caretaker but has taken the school’s music on to further dizzying heights in the standards achieved. Congratulations!”

On receiving his award Matthew comments:  “I am flattered and thrilled to receive this award. Egglescliffe Comprehensive School has a remarkable history and culture of music making, and it is a constant delight to work in a school that values the commitment, ambition, and determination that good music making demands. I will treasure this award for the rest of my career.”

Matthew also credited EMI MSF by remarking, “I really want to acknowledge the irreplaceable support EMI MSF has given Egglescliffe School over the years, and in my opinion the award is as much EMI’s, as it is the pupils, as it is mine”.

Classic FM’s Managing Director Darren Henley said: “Music Teachers like Matthew are heroes”!


Photo Credit: Richard Johnson ©

To find out more from the Schools Proms please visit http://www.classicfm.com/

From Abbey Road to Albert Hall!

Posted on: 15 Nov 2012

From meeting Ben and Alfie at our EMI Celebration when they helped us with our strings performance at Abbey Road, we knew they were extremely talented beneficiaries of the EMI Music Sound Foundation.

Consequently, when we saw they were appearing in the annual School Proms event on Monday 12th November, we jumped at the chance to find out how their experience went:

“After standing in the dark listening to the glorious sounds of the Brass Band drifting down from the Gods the lights arrived on us and we leapt into our first song.

We had been at the Royal Albert Hall since 11am that morning so thankfully, by the time we performed, some of the shock and awe of the venue its self had mellowed. However, I don’t think anything, not even our sound check, could have prepared us for the moment when our music first filled the Albert Hall.

We had expected to be nervous (very nervous) but in the 10 minute moment that we played on stage the feeling was far more euphoric than terrifying. We have never skydived but perhaps the feeling of free-fall is similar.

We played two songs from our forthcoming album “No Measure”. “The Velvet Tongued Man” is a comment on the dangers of sacrificing artistic integrity for the sake of commercial gain and “For Good” describes someone who becomes mentally absent from the perspective of somebody close to them.

After our set we were able to enjoy the rest of the wonderful concert. From a rock group to an orchestra and a String quartet to a Big Band; the sheer diversity and quality of the performances amazed us and we feel privileged to have been part of such a beautiful event.

It was the first time we had ever been to the Albert Hall and we were struck by its unique character. Somehow this amazing and, let’s face it, enormous space manages to capture equal parts of magnificence and intimacy that we have never experienced before in a venue!”

To check out Ben and Alfie’s website and Facebook page click on the following links:



Photo Credit: Richard Johnson ©

To check out more photos from the Schools Proms please visit http://www.classicfm.com/

Parkwood Hall Visit the Primary Proms 2012!

Posted on: 08 Nov 2012

As the anticipation grows in the run-up to the upcoming School Proms 2012 next week, we found the perfect diary to get us excited!

The following was written by Tommy Coyle, a student from EMI MSF sponsored Parkwood Hall School, on his experience at the Royal Albert Hall on 10th October 2012:

“Our school steel band played in the Music for Youth Regional Festival and then played at the Birmingham National Festival. We were then invited to play at the Royal Albert Hall for the Primary Prom. When we arrived I had mixed emotions excited nervous and scared. At first we had a rehearsal, when we went on the stage for the first time it was massive. When I have visited the Royal Albert Hall before, we have sat in boxes and the stage looked so small. This rehearsal was for the sound check and to work out where all the instruments and stands go.

We then waited in our dressing room it seemed a very long time, some of the people found it very hard to cope with. Then we got the call 10 minutes to go. I felt very nervous; we did some relaxation exercises and lined up in the corridor.

We walked on stage, the crowd was massive, and while we were getting ready to play it was silent, which made me even more anxious. They introduced the steel band and there was a great big cheer. We played ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’ then ‘Eastenders’ everyone cheered us on and sang along to it. We then finished with a medley of 3 songs, starting with Mozart, into Lambada then into Hot, Hot, Hot. In the changeovers between songs I had to play the links which was quite a responsibility. I was very proud of myself for doing this. All of the audience started to do a Mexican Wave while we were playing; it made me feel excited and very jolly. The cheers at the end were long and deafening. We played for a second time in the afternoon and it brilliant because the rest of school had come to watch us.

After the first performance a man from ITV’s London Tonight interviewed some of the steel band including me. When we got home from our amazing day I watched the band on London Tonight with my dad. He was really proud of me and then started phoning all my relatives and all his friends.

This day was one of the best days in my life so far!”


An EMI Celebration…..

Posted on: 19 Oct 2012

On Monday 24th September, EMI hosted an extraordinary event for over 700 specially invited guests, staff and alumni,to celebrate its iconic artists of past, present and future.

This was to to pay homage to the rich heritage of British Music at the culmination of a historic year and to recognise the EMI Music Sound Foundation (EMI MSF). It was decided that as well as a celebration of creativity the event would raise funds for the charity to allow for even more donations towards music education.

Furthermore, in order to make this a personal event, EMI MSF was keen to involve as many of its beneficiaries as possible and showcase some of the talented individuals with whom we have been associated. Playing a medley written by Giles Martin and Ben Foster of EMI songs across genres as guests arrived were an incredible 26 String Players (pictured below by Jonathan Rose) each of whom had received funding from the Foundation, as well as a Brass Band display from Jazz Vehicle, a group who have also received funding from EMI MSF.

The evening supplied innovation throughout, from holograms, performance plinths, sizzle reels, photo booths and an artist showcase.

The turn out on the evening was fantastic with 700 key invited guests, primarily from the creative industries. The room was filled with EMI alumni, artists, captains of industry, leaders in British fashion, film, publishing, music and art.

EMI MSF has now awarded over £4.5M to more than 3,500 individuals, schools and music teachers towards music education and the purchase of musical instruments and equipment and is the largest single sponsor of performing arts and music colleges, having supported 36 specialist schools in England. The evening was a unique opportunity for staff past and present to spend an evening together, as well as being a very special tribute to the Foundation.

Overall £50,000 was raised for the EMI Music Sound Foundation for which we are immensely grateful – here’s to music education!


Photo Credit: Jonathan Rose ©

Congratulations Sarah Gait!

Posted on: 17 Sep 2012

Since the EMI Music Sound Foundation awarded Sarah Gait £1000 towards the purchase of a brand new cello back in March, she has gone on to achieve great things.

Sarah has won the Keldwyth Award, which is a competition for Cumbrian musicians up to 22. It includes various post-grad students, and one of the other finalists had even just graduated with 1st class honours from RNCM, so this was a huge achievement for Sarah to win!

Sarah said, “It was lovely playing there, and I’ve already been invited back to give a short recital at the final of next year’s competition”!

Sarah is now looking ahead to her future and is really excited about starting her under-graduate course at RNCM this weekend.

Well done Sarah!!!


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